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Diabetic Toe Brush
Diabetic Toe Brush

Morrisons Diabetic Toe brush Kit

Morrisons Diabetic Toe Brush Kit

Current Specials!

Complete Toe Brush package with 3 brush heads (Very Soft, Soft and Medium)

Item # 0001       $14.99   +   $4.99  For shipping and handlinng  So the total price will be  $19.98  For shipping in the   USA.               For International see the   SHIPPING  CALCULATOR for your  Country

Diabetic Toebrush should never be used dry becuase that would certainly irritate the inner skin of the toes unless you are very gentle and not using any pressure on the brush.

   As you can see from the photo above,the product is well made,bristles on the brush heads ae now serving customers oner 1 1/2 years with little wear.

  The proper use of the brush is as follows:

1)In a shower, bath or footpan put the brush head or bristle in the water, then with a bar of soap lather the brush. Make sure that your feet and toes are wet and gently brugh the bristles in between using a back and forth motion. This will remove any fungus, mold, and bacteria. Doing this 3-4  per week, this will reduce chances of athlete foot and or fungus.

Becauase we are a smaller company we are able to ship our product to you the next day upon ordering. We are also able to ship outside of the United States, to Europe and other countries.

  Order now and be a part of the "Clean Toes People"!!!!

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