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  • K. Miller (Thursday, November 03 11 09:35 pm EDT)

    I would have to agree that my feet besides getting a pedicure here and there are an area I used to negligent when it came to cleaning. I like everyone else scrubbed and soaked them everything but
    that didn't always seem like enough (especially after a long run). I personally love the soft bristles for my daily use and now I never have to think about if the cleaning I'm doing is enough. The
    Toe Brush is easy to use and definitely gets the job done. Thanks Morrison Family!

  • Bonnie (Thursday, November 17 11 09:31 am EST)

    Great to see you up and running. This is a wonderful product and I can definitely see the advantage of owning one.

  • Leo (Friday, December 09 11 07:06 am EST)

    Two words, "Love it!"

  • Natasha (Wednesday, January 11 12 09:18 pm EST)

    OMG!!!! What an awesome product!!! It helps me so much with my grandma in the shower. She loves it and so do I!! What an awesome invention and a assett to have in the home.

  • Roy (Wednesday, January 11 12 09:21 pm EST)

    As a golfer, I use it in the shower daily. The Morrison Toe Brush helps keep my feet from ongoing athletes foot. It works the best and the most natural product. All althetes showed buy and try this
    product... you will not be dissapointed.

  • Darcher (Monday, May 07 12 08:21 pm EDT)

    Great product for a very neglected area. A must have at every spa and pedicure location.

  • April (Sunday, September 16 12 09:14 pm EDT)

    this looks like a really awesome idea. This would be ideal for people who do not like feet and are not liking to touch their own or someone else s. We need more FEET products!!!!

  • Travis (Sunday, September 16 12 09:18 pm EDT)

    I've searched for countless days and weeks for a product like this. I've had dreams of this product and how i must obtain something like it. Awesome idea i hope a bulk option becomes available. I'd
    buy them for my whole neighborhood, including the school.

  • Susie (Sunday, September 16 12 09:23 pm EDT)

    What a great Idea. I dont know a single person that dose not have stinky feet!!! everyone can use one of theese would make great Christmas presents for the people that have everything!!! Love it

  • TJ (Tuesday, January 15 13 11:15 am EST)

    This toe brush changed my life.

  • Walkfit Platinum review (Tuesday, May 14 13 03:00 am EDT)

    The stark reality is many Americans are suffering from
    straight back and foot and leg pain daily due to a lack
    of proper orthotic support within their day - to - day footwear, while there
    can be various root causes. Given the immense amount of orthotic
    inserts obtainable in the present market, this may appear surprising, nevertheless nearly
    all of your common drug-store shoe inserts are not even close to
    sufficient and just amount to a glorified foam cut out and a
    bloated marketing budget.

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