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Diabetic Toe Brush
Diabetic Toe Brush

This Diabetic Toe brush will make your Toes feel healthy and new

One of the big trends today is getting and keeping your body in good and healthy shape. Many of us are counting calories, getting personal trainers and opting for organic food choices. We’re dying our hair more, going to the spa to get pampered, and using eco-friendly cleansing products. We here at The Diabetic Toe Brush LLC, are huge fans of the “getting healthy” trend and all of the many benefits it provides. Though we are huge fans, we noticed that there are some parts of our body that seem to get less attention than others. What parts of the body you ask? The Toes of course! And we’re not just concerned with your Toes but, more importantly, in-between the Toes.  To see additional video, please click below.



Our Toes spend most of their time in an inconspicuously dangerous place. No place other than in our socks and/or shoes. The dark and sometimes moist environments our shoes and socks provide our toes, are breeding ground for mold, parasites and bacteria especially in-between the toes; resulting in Athlete’s Foot  and other foot infections.


To see additional video, please click below.


When Diabetes causes Swollen Ankles and toes, The Diabetic Toebrush is the brush that you should have For the most Safe rewarding care


The Diabetic Toe Brush is designed to fit comfortably in-between the toes. Each Toe Brush comes with 3 cylindrical cleaner heads. Each cleaner head has a different type of bristle, ranging from extra soft, soft to medium. These 3 options for the bristles on your Toe Brush cleaner head allow you to choose the optimal level of comfort and cleaning. Utilizing a Toe Brush will help to minimize your chances of having a foot infection, by adding a more thorough cleaning process into your hygiene routine.


The crowd the Toe Brush is geared towards are:     


1. Athletes of all kinds

2. Pregnant Women

3. The Plus Size People 

4. The Diabetics


All who know that keeping in between their toes clean, is a MUST or they can face serious health issues, including amputation for some.


Using the Diabetic Toe Brush every day, will put you back in with the trend - with healthy and clean feet! This is the way to have a healthy environment in - between your toes with regular use of the Toe Brush.

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